Whatever your reason (i.e. sports, physical well being, esthetics) there are a variety of workouts for every body part, muscle group and specific individual. I personally train for extreme athletics. Therefore, I aim for 2-a-days (two separate workouts daily) or possibly 3. Time is always an issue thus, I have to incorporate my morning cardio with my fight sparring while doing my power lifting and weight training in the evening. Here's an example of my average morning training regiment

Morning Session: Sparring/Cardio

Cardio Type: Boxing

Warming up is always key: 10mins of moderate biking or jogging
Stretching follows: hold every stretch for 30secs
3 - 3mins rnds of mirror boxing (9mins)
3 - 3mins rnds of speed bag (9mins)
3 - 3mins rnds of head-movement training (9mins)
3 - 3mins rnds of skipping (9mins)
3 - 3mins rnds of target/pad work (9mins)
Minimum 5 - 3mins rounds on heavy bag (15mins)
5 - 5mins rnds sparring (25mins)

*I only take 30secs breaks between rounds
*I take 1min breaks between sparring rounds

I always do my cardio in the morning - on an empty stomach. This might not be logical to some but it works well for me. I also vary the amount of rounds I do for each workout, along with round times. The final 40 minutes are designed to burn myself out. The heavy bag is where I specifically combine technique, speed, accuracy and power with combinations. That's why it's a minimum of 5 rounds because there is so much to cover. The actual sparring is designed to be the last thing I do. When you're absolutely drained is the best way to learn to thrive. The final 25 minutes are always brutal, but necessary. In past training sessions, I've lost from anywhere up to 5lbs after this morning regiment

Evening Session: Power Lifting - "Explosive training"
Workout Type: Fighter/Bodybuilder - Chest 

Warming up/Stretching: hold every stretch for 30secs
(each movement should directly stretch the muscle of focus)
2 sets - 10 reps - Exploder push-ups
3 sets - 13 reps - Incline Bench Press (moderate, heavy, max)
3 sets - 13 reps - Bench Press (moderate, max, max)
3 sets - 13 reps - Cables (moderate, heavy, heavy)
3 sets - 13 reps - Decline Bench Press (heavy, max, max)

*I take 1min breaks between sets
*I use 2mins breaks between switching workouts

13 reps is something I personally choose to do. It's not necessary but 13 means I'm always doing at least one more than the next guy! And 13 also has a correlation to my name :) I call this 'explosive training' - others call it 'negatives'. I use a 4secs cadence on slowly lowering the bar to my chest - then I use my power to explode back up to complete the rep. I usually power lift only once every week. Explosive workouts are always burners. I generally sweat as much as I would when doing cardio. Thus, both the carb & protein intake after the session is severely important


Execution of a successful diet is extremely tricky. It's ultimately based on each individual and their specific goals. For me, I consume 2 grams of protein/per pound, everyday. This helps to maintain size, strength, power and musculature. Here are some helpful recipes I use:

"Purple Drink"
"I use this protein drink as a sweet beverage - on the go. It's quick, easy to make and keeps you fueled for a couple of hours after a workout and between meals. And this so happens to be a recipe where Gatorade is used as opposed to milk or water in the drink! After all, the color of this drink is where the name comes from."

1) Pour a bottle (or half of a bottle) of Gatorade into your blender (your choice of flavor)
2) Add 1-3 scoops of your selected protein powder
3) I always like to add fruit to my berries (straw, blue, rasp) would be best for this specific beverage
4) If it wasn't obvious with step 3...drop the berries into the blender (I would use around 6-10)
5) Add some 'chill' to your drink with a couple of ice-cubes (the Gatorade should already be cold so 3-6 cubes are enough)
6) Blend for a solid 15 seconds (the thinner this beverage is, the better)

Unlike my other shake-recipes, this drink should be significantly thinner before consumption. The taste of this drink can range from great to not very good (depending on the individual). I like the twist of chocolate and orange - with bananas as an additive just for fruit intake. I generally use this drink after a workout...and on the go! The last thing you need is to be in a rush and continuing to sweat profusely after your training regiment. This drink is cold enough to keep you chilled, all while refueling your body and decreasing the risk of dehydration. Oh...and for those wondering, this recipe only takes its name from Dave Chappelle's version of purple drink!

The Banana-Blaster
"This mix of fruit-smoothie and protein-shake is one of my personal favorite health drinks. It was created with the intention of escaping the daily monotony of the 'routine protein drink'. It's my own 'recipe' but you should totally try it before and/or after your workout."

1) Pour 1-2 cups of milk (whatever type you choose) into your blender
2) Add 2 scoops of your selected protein powder (I personally choose chocolate flavored)
3) Add 5-10 egg whites to the mix OR substitute with 3-5 whole eggs (with shells)
4) Enter 1 banana WHOLE into the blender (after peeling, of course)
5) For 'intensified' flavor, add 3 chocolate-chip cookie to the mix (I choose Chips-Ahoy)
6) Finally, drop in a couple of ice-cubes to provide 'chill' to your drink
7) Blend for approximately 10 seconds. This will thoroughly mix the contents of the Banana-Blaster while keeping substance to your drink. (The longer you blend, the thinner your shake will become). 

Some enjoy water in their shakes as opposed to milk. This is a good substitute, however, water defeats the purpose of this drink as it heavily diminishes the flavor and substance of the shake. Depending on the multiple variables (i.e. body size, weight, workout, etc.) this drink can be used as a simple "pump-me-up" protein shake after your workout or as a meal replacement, if you decide to choose so.



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