JUNE 8, 2018.
- CM Punk and Colt Cabana defeated WWE in the Dr. Amann lawsuit. This was a huge victory considering that Punk would have had to pay millions in damages. On the topic of CM Punk, he will be featured on the UFC 225 main card against Mike Jackson. Micky Gall has chosen Punk to prevail over Mike Jackson.
- In more courtroom drama, Nick Diaz was arrested for a dispute recently. 
- UFC 225 is on June 9th in Chicago, and the card is stacked! Covington vs. RDA, Romero vs. Whitaker, Reem vs. Blaydes, plus so much more! Punk, Gadelha, Holm, Suga Rashad, Benavidez, Pettis, Guida and Arlovski will all be on the card!
- The UFC is preparing for a possible McGregor/Khabib bout in the near future.
- Rumours are rumbling that Romero may join the Light Heavyweight division in the UFC.
- WWE has signed a major deal with Fox and USA Network. They will be heading into the billions with TV deals for Raw and Smackdown.
- Ronda Rousey battles Nia Jax in a little over the week at the WWE MITB ppv.
- Many are reporting that WWE is interested in Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, and Cody. I'd hate to see these guys all get 'buried' on WWE TV. I'm guessing they need stars to feed to Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin.
- The Cena/Nikki Bella breakup was most likely a publicity stunt in attempts to boost ratings for their reality show.
- Enzo Amore is now known as the Real 1. He released a hip-hop video recently taking aim at his haters (during his trial).
- Dominion is a huge show in New Japan. It is expected to go down this weekend on the NJPW Network. Chris Jericho is expected to make an impact!
- Don Callis wants to get Omega and Jericho into Impact Wrestling.
- Impact is expected to do some TV tapings in Toronto during the summer.
- For questions/comments please contact the Turnbuckle Club @mmaeducator via TWITTER.

MAY 20, 2018.
- ShowTime Boxing presented their Stevenson/Jack card at the Air Canada Centre last night and it was wild! Read below for some interesting notes:
- Adonis Stevenson and Badou Jack gave the fans a show to remember. Fans cheered both competitors on as the contest ended in a majority draw. One of the best main events to date! There will be a Stevenson/Jack II so watch out!
- Turnout for the Stevenson/Jack event was not bad for a card that had very little promotion. The show was announced about 3-4 weeks out and had minimal coverage, however they must've sold 1/3 of the venue. If there was more hype, promotion, and mention that Money May would attend, something different would have happened.
- Floyd Money Mayweather made an appearance and to his credit he was well dressed and very courteous to fans! The GOAT was signing items and acknolwedged fans.
- The UFC is pushing their June 9th show in CHI-Town. RDA battles Covington for an Interim Welterweight title, Whittaker battles Romero, Holm squares off against Anderson, and Arlovski makes a comeback. Other stars to be featured include: Reem/Blaydes, Ricardo Lamas, Gadelha/Esparza, Rashad Evans, Benavidez/Sergio Pettis, and Clay Guida! CM Punk is on the card despite criticism.
- Speaking of CM Punk... Rumours are circulating that he may appear at ALL IN! The super indy event promoted by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks sold out in 30 minutes! Ten thousand screaming fans will be in attendance for the largest Indy Wrestling event in US History! And... CM Punk may appear in Chi-Town for this.
- The funniest Tweet that I saw about ALL IN was Cody's response to Vince Russo wanting to be a part of the event: "Stay Away."
- The WWE still reigns supreme. This week their stocks topped $50! This is the highest in company history!
- WWE is rumoured to be renewing their contract with NBC Universal for RAW TV rights at three times more than they're receiving right now.
- Fox is in talks to be picking up SDLive. Should be interesting. If Fox picks up Smack Down, then WWE will have to ensure that SDLive is no longer a, 'B' show.
- Some online rumours are reporting that WWE is not taking a keen interest in the tag division. I hope this is false!
- The WWE will be having a UK tournament in the near future.
- Apparently WWE is in talks with Hogan. They are also talking to Rich Swann. The same cannot be said for, Enzo Amore.
- New Japan is expected to have a big show featuring the return of Chris Jericho on June 9th.
- Wrestling fans in Toronto are being spoiled considering that two promotions are thriving in the 416/905! Smash Wrestling & Destiny Wrestling. Smash Wrestling, owned by Sebastian Dastranj has a working relationship with Impact. Destiny, which has ties to Santino Marella has connections within the WWE!
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MAY 13, 2018.
- UFC 224 has come and gone and boy was it a, 'barn-burner!' See below for results and comments:
- In the main event, Amanda Nunes picked Pennington apart. Pennington told her corner that she was done like dinner, but her corner told her to go back in for another round. Pennington was KO'd shortly after.
- Jacare Souza and Gastelum had an amazing bout that could have gone either way, but the gator man lost by split and the victory was handed to Gastelum.
- Lyoto Machida KO'd Belfort with an emphatic kick then bowed to his defeated opponent Karate style.
- Amanda Cooper lost to a significantly bigger opponent in Dern via submission. John Lineker was impressive in his win.
- UFC will be bringing in a former NFL player soon, Greg Hardy.
- Bellator aired their Grand Prix tournament against UFC 224. The big news is that Ryan 'Darth' Bader defeated 'King Mo' Lawal in seconds to advance. The final 4 heavyweights include, The Last Emperor Fedor Emelianenko, Meathead Mitrione, Ryan Darth Bader, and The Oregon Gangster Chael Sonnen.
- Bellator head hancho, Scott Coker seems to be talking a lot about 50 Cent these days. Mr. Cent has been mentioned with names like Rampage and Chael Sonnen.
- Bubba Ray Dudley took to twitter to bash millenial ROH wrestler Flip Gordon who said he couldn't get to Toronto from Boston because of a flight cancellation. Bubba Ray said that Flip could have rented a car and still made the show!
- All In is looking good in Chicago, and it looks more and more like CM Punk may appear. He is doing an autograph signing at the ProWrestlingTees store in Chicago on the same weekend!
- CM Punk has what looks to be his final bout in the UFC on June 9th. The question is how will his court trial with WWE going to effect his training?
- WWE looks like they're heading in a new direction with Roman Reigns. Looks like we'll be seeing a feud between Jinder and Roman.
- Expect Lashley to receive a push on Raw. It looks like WWE will capitalize on this man's experience in Wrestling, MMA, and The Army.
- Many are wondering if WWE is going to put the rocket pack on Braun or Rollins. Rollins was over large in Montreal.
- In Boxing news, Ukrainian boxer Lomanchenko won his bout impressively last night. He came back from adversity in this bout. Ukraine has pumped out some serious fighters in the past: Wladimir Klitschko, Vitale Klitschko, and Lomanchenko.
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MAY 6, 2018.
- Firstly, TURNBUCKLECLUB.CA is proud to announce its new partnership with ProWrestlingTees.com. Stay tuned as we prepare to get our gear available online!
- We here at The Turnbuckle Club would like to present a special interview with Mark Henry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__03Oml4QBY
- WWE Backlash is airing live tonight on the WWE Network.
- Several wrestlers such as Booker T and Devon Dudley have made mention of Hogan as of late. Hogan's name has resurfaced since WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble show in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. Apparently Hogan was requested to be on the show (along with The Ultimate Warrior, and Yokozuna. Several wrestlers have forgiven Hogan for his controversial remarks.
- Speaking of the Greatest Royal Rumble, Titus O'Neil has made several headlines since his Shockmaster-like tumble at the Rumble! Titus made ESPN highlight reels, and WWE has released a new shirt for him (inspired by his fall).
- Chris Jericho resurfaced in NJPW where he attacked Naito.
- Pro Wrestlers are dominating at the Box Office: Guardians (featuring Bautista) and Rampage (Starring The Rock) are amongst the highest grossing films at the Box Office.
- The Saudi Government recently apologized for an ad featuring Carmella. The video aired at the King Abdula Sports Arena where the Greatest Royal Rumble was taking place out of.
- WWE is still paying its female stars for GRR. It's common knowledge that females are prohibited from performing for the WWE in Saudi Arabia.
- The Rock's company has signed a deal to produce John Cena in an upcoming film.
- Kane is one step closer to becoming a Mayor in his hometown.
- Several within WWE is expecting Seth Rollins to be the next big thing.
- Zuffa Boxing is close to signing Mikey Garcia (who is undefeated in the WBC).
- Golden Boy MMA head hancho Oscar De La Hoya wants to sign Chuck Liddell.
- Bellator heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko defeated Frank Mir to advance in the Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament.
- Nate Diaz may return to fight Bollywood star, Woodley. But then again, Colby Covington and RDA are battling for the Interim Welterweight UFC title.
- GGG dominated his opponent (who was trained by Rousey's former coach).
- Adonis Stevenson is set to defent his WBC title against Badu Jack at the Air Canada Centre on May 19. This card will be presented by ShowTime Boxing.
- Many in the MMA world are mocking Rousey since she recently declared that listening to her speak is a privilege.
- Cyborg is being called out by Cecilia Braekhus.
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APRIL 19, 2018.
- On behalf of the Turnbuckle Club, our deepest sympathies go out to the family of WWE Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino. Bruno passed away earlier today.
- In WWE news, plenty of changes were made to the Raw and Smackdown Live rosters. Raw now has big names such as, Kevin Owens, Sammy Zayn, Bobby Lashley, Authors of Pain, Bobby Roode, The Riott Squad, Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Singh Brothers, Natalya, Corbin, Chad Gable, Breezango, Rawley, Ryder, and Mike Kanellis. Smackdown Live now has the following: Samoa Joe, Asuka, Jeff Hardy, The Bar, Absolution, Cien Almas, Sanity, Gallows/Anderson, Big Cass, Sin Cara, R-Truth, The Iconics, and Paige.
- Lesnar may be working on a per diem basis. He may also fight one more time in the UFC similar to how he competed against Mark Hunt.
- The Greatest Royal Rumble Ever seems to be growing with talent. The Saudi Government apparently bought the show. They will determine how tickets are sold. For instance, women must be accompanied by men. Single men will have a certain section that they will be permitted to sit in. The best seats will be available to royalty. Women may not compete at this event in the Middle East.
- John Cena and Nikki Bella have gone splitsville. Expect a break-up scene on Total Divas according to Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.
- WWE is working with Impact to obtain video rights for upcoming projects such as a DVD for Matt Hardy.
- The Andre The Giant HBO special got positive reviews.
- The Rock's, "Rampage" topped box offices and took top spot at the movie theatres.
- Ric Flair appeared on The Fallon stage dancing to a song called The Ric Flair drip.
- In UFC news, expect nothing to happen to Connor McGregor after being arrested for his antics after a UFC press conference. This gang attack on a bus might have been a McGregor stunt gone too far. His fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov should be a box office draw.
- UFC 225 in Chicago is expected to be a stacked event with stars like, Whittaker/Romero, RDA/Covington, Holm/Anderson, Reem/Blaydes, Punk/Jackson, Benavidez/Pettis, Gadelha/Esparza, Arlovski, Rashad, and Clay Guida all appearing on the show!
- Mayweather maintains that if he returns to fighting it's under the UFC banner? Let's see. The guy spends his millions. Eventually he'll need a major pay-day.
- Ronda Rousey made a successful debut at WrestleMania in her tag bout with Kurt Angle against HHH, and Stephanie McMahon. WrestleMania 35 may feature Rousey and Charlotte Flair!
- Rory McDonald of Bellator wants a bout with Ben Askren.
- The Diaz brothers may return soon. Suspension ends on 4/20 - How appropriate?
- In Boxing news, many are pushing for a Wilder/Joshua bout. No word on when this fight will happen.
- Manny Pacman recently parted ways with longtime trainer Freddie Roach.
- Canelo has been suspended for his positive drug test.
- Original member of the Turnbuckle Club, Jason Durgana will have his final boxing fight in the Heavyweight division on April 20, 2018. Not only is the Turnbuckle Club behind him in this fight, but Doc Gallows of the Original Bullet Club from New Japan Pro Wrestling has sent his best wishes to the bruiser from The 6ix.
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APRIL 2018.
- Lots of big news! Let's get started... WrestleMania 34 is a few days away and we can expect Roman Reigns to defeat Lesnar.
- The report going around is that next year's main event at Mania should include Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins... The Shield.
- We may not see Lesnar in the UFC immediately after WrestleMania since he still has a suspension under USADA.
- It's been confirmed. WrestleMania 35 will take place in NYC at the MetLife Stadium in April 2019.
- Rumours are going around that Shane McMahon is sick/injured but will still appear at Mania.
- There are talks that Jeff Jarrett may replace Daniel Bryan as the GM of SmackDown.
- Shinsuke Nakamura will most likely win the strap at Mania. After this, expect WWE to scrap brand specific PPVs.
- Ric Flair is set to undergo another surgery. Vader is recovering from a surgery as we speak.
- The UFC 223 card suffered a serious blow with El Cuy Cuy pulling out days before the event. Halloway stepped in.
- RDA vs. Colby Covington is expected to be on the UFC 224 card in Rio (May) for the Interim Welterweight title.
- CM Punk should be returning on June 9th for a big bout in Chicago.
- Mayweather continues to flirt with the idea of battling in the Octagon. Maybe he wants in on Zuffa Boxing? 
- McGregor should be returning for a fight soon.
- Daniel Cormier says that he'll be around the 230 weight category come July for his fight against Stipe.
- TNA/Impact will be coming to Toronto in April.
- Rey Mysterio was close to signing with the WWE, however he's been sidelined with an injury.
- Hulk Hogan may return to the WWE but he's been stigmatized since the release of his tapes.
- In boxing, Canelo has pulled out of his rematch with GGG. People are calling for Joshua/Wilder in a HW showdown! 
- Mark Henry will be inducted into the WWE HOF. Will he callout Martha Hart? He said that he wanted Owen in the HOF.

MARCH 2018.
- With just a few weeks remaining before WrestleMania 34 rumours are circulating that Roman Reigns/Lesnar may include Braun.
- Roman Reigns' name has surfaced in a documentary/film related to a steroid scandal. This might effect the WM35 main event.
- Brock Lesnar may be on his way to the UFC. Dana White has suggested that Lesnar returning to the UFC is very likely.
- There is talk that the main event for WrestleMania 35 will include Ronda Rousey, Asuka, and Charlotte Flair.
- WrestleMania 35 may take place in NYC next year at the MetLife Stadium.
- Expect Dean Ambrose to receive a push as a heel upon his return.
- Samoa Joe may be back in time for WM34.
- Rey Mysterio was in talks to make a WrestleMania return, however talks have fallen through.
- Talks continue to stir that WWE may be sold to Fox OR Disney.
- Ric Flair has been featured recently in some hip-hop videos.
- CM Punk has hinted that he's, 'IN.' (Can this be related to the Bullet Club event?)
- CM Punk insinuated that he may be on the UFC Chicago card on June 9, 2018.
- Will Mayweather join the UFC? Many say that he would make for an interesting opponent against CM Punk.
- UFC 222 is done and Dana White is exploring the possibility of positioning Nunes to battle Cyborg.
- McGregror will most likely be stripped of his title once Khabib takes on Tony Ferguson at UFC 223.
- Former Bellator fighter, Bobby Lashley may be returning to the WWE.
- Former WWE performer, Jack Swagger will be making his Bellator debut in the next few months. Stay tuned!
- The Indie Wrestling scene is hot and Teddy Hart will be making a comeback. He may be at Impact now. NXT in the future?
- In Boxing, many are calling for Wilder to face Joshua in an epic battle of the Heavyweights. 
- Historical Trivia: Snoop Dogg once punked out WWE Executive, Kevin Dunn.

- In WWE news both Japanese superstars (Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura) cleaned house to win the Royal Rumble.
- As expected, 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey made her debut after Asuka won the Royal Rumble. It should be noted that Ronda was wearing Piper's Jacket.
- Many are disappointed with the abysmal viewership numbers related to the WWE Facebook Mixed Challenge Event.
- In UFC news, expect a mega-fight for the heavyweight title between Stipe Miocic and Daniel DC Cormier. 
- The UFC in 2018 expects the following returns: Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Nick/Nate Diaz, GSP, Conor McGregor, and Anderson Silva.
- Not sure what this is about, but Money Mayweather has been hinting that he'd be in the UFC.
- Imagine this... CM Punk vs. Money May?
- NJPW, ROH, and the Bullet Club are making an impact in North America. They're selling out every show.
- It looks like Chris Jericho, The Alpha will be making more appearances in NJPW.

- In WWE news, it looks like longtime music composer Jim Johnston has been released.
- According to sources, "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is training at the Performance Centre for a WWE debut.
- The rumour is to have Lesnar/Reigns main event WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans.
- There are rumblings surrounding the return of Hulk Hogan to WWE. Other rumours suggest him and Eric B have something big for 2018.
- In UFC news, GSP made a triumphant return by sleeping Bisping. Unfortunately GSP has an ailment that he's dealing with.
- Francis Nganou dominated Overreem at UFC 218 with the most vicious uppercut KO ever to be witnessed in the Octagon. Watch out Stipe!
- In McGregor news... One day he's entertaining a fight with Manny Pacquaio, and the next moment he's involved in altercations with the Irish mob.

- According to the dirt-sheets, Lesnar/Mahal and 4-Horsewomen (MMA vs. WWE) should happen at Survivor Series.
- Global Force Wrestling or Impact Wrestling will bring their Mania to Ottawa in November. Impact is now a Canadian company.
- ROH is gaining momentum and rumours have it that many WWE stars are seeking advice from Cody about life after WWE.
- After a recent interview with a rep from Hot Topic in Canada, it can be said that Bullet Club merch is one of the the hottest things going in that store.
- UFC 215 and 216 both drew abysmal ratings. UFC wants to spike ratings with GSP/Bisping at UFC 217 NYC/MSG in November.
- UFC is desperate to get Conor McGregor in the Octagon. He should be battling Tony El Cuycuy Ferguson for the strap.

- In UFC news, it was reported earlier today that Daniel Cormier's loss to Jon Jones in July 2017 was overturned due to the fact that Bones used an illegal substance. DC will be re-crowned as the Light Heavyweight champion of the UFC.
- Global Force Wrestling has launched their GFW Network for something in the ballpark of $6/month.
- WWE will most likely have big plans for the two 4 Horsewomen factions at Survivor Series in November.
- In Boxing, GGG takes on Canelo this Saturday night (Sep 16). Purists will be tuning into this barn-burner. Many critics hyped up this event during the 'circus' that was Mayweather vs. McGregor.
- For those who never knew, Joey Abs/Pete Gas were prominent reasons for Matt Hardy getting fired back in the Lita/Edge days.
- For those wondering (not sure why you would) but Stevie Richards in a shoot said that Chyna was a diva, and Vince McMahon praised his match once only to have him get squashed by Ken Kennedy. He also said that Jamie Noble was someone who threw him under the bus. 
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JUNE 2017.
- It's official, Conor McGregor will indeed battle Floyd Money Mayweather on August 26th in Vegas! Expect PPV price to be around $100.
- HHH has invited Mayweather and McGregor to RAW to generate hype.
- Bellator had a successful debut at MSG in NYC. Coker is working on a deal to bring Lou Da Bella's Boxing and Bellator MMA together for some big Boxing vs. MMA bouts
- Bobby Fish made his NXT debut
- Cody Rhodes is now the ROH Champ. 
- Mauro Ronallo is now the voice of WWE NXT, Showtime Boxing (Mayweather vs. McGregor), and Bellator.

MAY 1, 2017.
- Ring Of Honour tickets for Toronto are SOLD OUT! Tickets that originally ranged from $30-$80 are now going for $80-$150 on the secondary market like, "Stub Hub." Yes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and top New Japan stars are on the card. It's time for ROH to stage events at a bigger venue.
- CM Punk will appear on an MTV reality show where he will have his second MMA fight against a contestant. This show has been recorded already.
- Now that WWE is trying to make a splash in India, Dubai, and the Middle East you can expect a major push for, Jinder Mahal, Daivari, Bollywood Boys, and maybe Alliya from NXT.. Don't be surprised if you see Mahal dethroning RKO for the strap.
- For those claiming that boxing is dead, think twice. The Klitschko/Joshua fight had 90,000 at Wembley. 
- UFC is not following supporting McGregor/Mayweather. They're also supporting Manuwa/Haye.
- UFC 213 (Fight Week July) seems to be developing really well: Werdum/Reem, Robbie Lawler/Cerrone, and possibly Bisping/GSP OR Cormier/Jones II.
- Bellator MMA will be on PPV in June for, "Bellator 180". Expect the following Fedor/Mitrione, Wanderlei/Sonnen, Phil Davis/Ryan Bader, and Michael Chandler.
- Expect Brock Lesnar to defend his title at, WWE Great Balls Of Fire in July.
- If you're in the Toronto area, you can meet the following wrestlers in the next few weeks: 
May 7: Kenny Omega, Young Bucks - Ted Reeve Arena Toronto. http://www.rohwrestling.com/live/events/2017/may/7/5717-war-worlds-tour-toronto
May 7: Road Warrior Animal - International Centre Mississauga. http://sportcardexpo.com/
June 2-4: Sting (Sunday Only), Nash/Hall/Xpac (Fri/Sat/Sun), Gene Okerlund (Sat/Sun), Tito Santana (Sat/Sun), Ryback (Sat) - Scotia Bank Convention Centre Niagara Falls. http://niagarafallscomiccon.com/guests
June 17: Pete Dunne Destiny Wrestling - The Woodbine Centre. http://www.destinyworldwrestling.com/
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APRIL 3, 2017.
- WrestleMania is underway and so far we've seen Mojo Rawley get a push by winning the Andre Battle Royale with help from Gronk.
- Many expect Reigns to beat Taker and Lesnar to beat Goldberg ultimately setting up a Reigns/Lesnar II WM showdown next year.
- Expect The Hardy's back at home in The WWE. The Young Bucks defeated them last night at ROH.
- Hulk Hogan may make an appearance at WM tonight.
- Mania is in Orlando this year. Next year WWE travels to New Orleans. I expect that they'll want to fill up the new Raiders stadium in Vegas.
- As much as we can praise HBK and Booker T for their in ring performances, we have to admit that they're terrible at a commentary table.
- Nakamura lost last night to Roode which has created a lot of conversations about Shinsuke possibly jumping to the main roster.
- It was confirmed last night that Drew McIntyre is coming to NXT.


FEBRURARY 20, 2017.
- We're on the Road To Wrestlemania and so far we have the following lineup for the, 'Grand Daddy Of Em All:' Lesnar/Goldberg, Jericho/KO, Shaq/Big Show
- Dana White and GSP have come to terms on a new UFC contract. Expect GSP to face Bisping OR Woodley/Thompson. The ultimate showdown would feature GSP/McGregor.
- It looks like Cyborg is getting the run-around regarding her shot at the world title.
- Despite rumours that Mayweather/McGregor is close to happening, it appears that this is just a publicity stunt.
- The Rock is working with WWE on a movie about Paige's life.
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DECEMBER 20, 2016.
- With less than two weeks remaining before Rousey's big return to the UFC, her opponent Amanda Nunes is reportedly ill. Rousey will most likely win this belt if she has an opponent who is ill two weeks out of her long anticipated return.
- Dana White has stated that he would want to have a champ vs. champ bout between Holm and Rousey if both are successful in their respective upcoming bouts.
- With Wanderlei Silva pulling out of his fight with Cro Cop in Japan, it looks like King Mo Lawal will fill in the open slot at Rizin.
- Take this for what you will, but WWE is advertising Batista meet and greets. Rumble is around the corner. Hmmm.
- It looks like Cyborg has expressed interest in attending a WWE tryout at their Performance Centre.
- Expect Brock Lesnar to somehow have a run-in with Goldberg at Rumble to set up a Part III at WM 33.
- Sting has accepted some kind of motivational speaking role with the Dallas Cowboys.
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DECEMBER 4, 2016.
- Just watched WWE TLC: Awesome main event featuring AJ Styles. Truly an amazing athlete. If you ever meet this guy, he's humble.
- Lots of speculation going around about Triple H possibly getting Connor McGregor to come in for Mania. Special Referee?
- Wanderlei Silva pulled out of his fight with Cro Cop in Japan.
- Samoa Joe lost the NXT title to Nakamura. Apparently Okada was backstage in Japan to meet Shinsuke.
- John Cena is going to appear on SNL. I have a legit question... Did this guy fail a wellness policy test?
- Goldberg will be appearing on future RAWs leading up to Rumble.
- Jericho and Kevin Owens pitched an idea to WWE studios for a possible film. These two have some amazing onscreen chemistry.
- Speaking of Hollywood. Looks like Santino Marella is aiming for a Hollywood future.
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NOVEMBER 22, 2016.
- Reports are going around that Goldberg has signed a big money deal with WWE. He had a thunderous ovation in Toronto.
- Rumours are circulating that Goldberg vs. Lesnar III should occur at Mania. Let's see.
- Early rumblings indicate that WrestleMania 33 might feature some big name returns: Hulk Hogan, Rock, Undertaker, not to mention Lesnar, Shaq, and Goldberg.
- Randy Orton broke character at Survivor Series to let Shane's boys know that their father was going to be ok.
- UFC Rousey vs. Nunes might be Ronda's last fight if she loses (which she might).
- McGregor should be back around May for another fight.
- UFC star CM Punk says he might have his second fight in January/February 2017? He should wait until 2018.
- Former WWE and ECW star Kid Kash lost in his MMA bout for Valor fight. He got rocked in a short period of time (under a minute?)
- NXT was a crazy event which showcased a serious bout between Joe and Nakamura. Interestingly enough, the big pop came from Tye Dillinger with his TEN gimmick!
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OCTOBER 4, 2016.
- Looks like Sasha Banks and Charlotte will be the first women to have a bout in a cell at WWE HIAC.
- Rumours are circulating that Goldberg is close to signing a WWE deal. He may face Lesnar at WrestleMania.
- WWE ratings are at an all time low (or very close to the all time low of the 90's). Many can attribute this to stiff competition from the NFL, Presidential debates, and lack of major superstars on the roster.
- Mick Foley is working on a new book.
- In UFC news, Jose Aldo is saying that he wants out of his contract.
- Rousey may be back for a December bout with Nunes.
- McGregor is on his way to making 40 million by the end of 2016. Nobody knows how legitimate these numbers are but it's been reported.
- Former WWE and ECW star Kid Kash is going to have an MMA bout for Valor fight.
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JULY 24, 2016.

- Looks like both Lesnar and Jon Jones got caught for the same substance: Estrogen Blockers. Chael Sonnen called it! Apparently the UFC will not fine either of these guys. USADA may fine them and hand out 2 year suspensions.
- This came in earlier... Shevchenko defeated Holm at UFC Chicago. This upset ended with a unanimous decision in favour of Shevchenko.I feel sorry for Rousey who will be welcomed back with serious competition in what used to be her division. I'm sure Nunes, Cyborg, Tate, Holm, Pena, and Shevchenko will all be waiting for a pay day with the Rowdy one.
- I thought it was interesting how Arthur Jones (brother of Jon Jones) got popped this passed week for PEDs. Arthur plays for the NFL's Colts. Arthur like Jon won a title in his respective sport.
- Is it just me or was the Smackdown/Raw draft underwhelming?
- For those wondering, Sin Cara got into a real fight backstage w/ Simon Gotch. The report is going around that Sin Cara dominated Gotch. Gotch was sent home. So far Sin Cara has defeated Shaemus and Gotch in real life fights backstage!
- Not sure if you heard this one, but Amir Khan (boxer) wants to enter MMA for a McGregor payday?
- In more UFC news, Chad Mendes got popped for a banned substance under USADA. He'll be gone for 2 years.
- For a discount TURNBUCKLE CLUB tee please present us with a TURNBUCKLECLUB.COM sign at the ACC main gate when the WWE presents Survivor Series in Toronto, Ontario.
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JULY 20, 2016.
- Lots of news surrounding the status of Brock Lesnar. After an impressive return to the, "Octagon" at UFC 200, Mr. Lesnar was popped for testing positive to a banned substance under USADA. This organization has yet to reveal what Brock tested positive to, but the rumour going around is that it could be related to something that helps him breath in cold climate regions. It's no secret that Brock lives in Canada now. Lesnar could face a 2-yr suspension from MMA. He could also lose up to 1.87 million dollars from his purse against Mark Hunt. Although the WWE is clearly not impressed by this, Lesnar is still expected to square off against Randy Orton at SummerSlam in August. Lesnar will not be able to compete in Wrestling OR MMA in any state covered under the NSAC. Lesnar can still compete in New York and Florida (home to WrestleMania 33).
- The WWE Draft is over and it looks like RAW is positioned to still be the #1 show within the company. Smackdown looks to be the underdog show. Big stars under the RAW banner include Reigns, Rollins, Lesnar, New Day, Balor, The Club, Zayn, Kevin Owens, and a bunch of Cruiserweights. Big stars under the Smackdown brand include, Cena, Orton, Ambrose, The Miz, Eva Marie, and AJ Styles.
- Over 50 wrestlers are involved in a civil suit vs. WWE. The issue? Concussions. Some big names mentioned in this suit include, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorf, Demolition, Johnny The Bull, Road Warrior Animal (the brother of John Laurinaitis). CNN has an article about the suit at this link: http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/19/health/wwe-brain-injury-lawsuit/
- Listen to our DURGANA.COM Turnbuckle Club exclusive podcast with none other than, Dan 'The Beast' Severn. 
Very interesting interview: http://www.durgana.com/blog/music.html
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JULY 1, 2016.
- UFC 200 is a week away and many people are choosing Daniel Cormier to win. A lot of people are also expecting The Beast to be Hunted and Knocked out by Mark Hunt. I can say that as a Lesnar fan, I'm rooting for the 'CANADIAN' in this one.
- Now that Goldberg is in the WWE 2k17 game, and that Ali has died, expect both men to be inducted into the WWE HOF in 2017.
- It's been announced that CM Punk will make his long awaited UFC debut in Cleveland vs. Micky Gall. Expect Punk to lose this battle (according to experts).  
- WWE Network is pretty sweet... This wrestling version of Netflix is pretty cool. Just saying.
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JUNE 17, 2016.
- In case you have north of 4 Billion to spend, the last day to bid for UFC ownership was today. Two companies were Asian and the other was American.
- WWE recently signed a star out of China. Watch for his push as WWE tries to penetrate the Asian market.
- Expect Moose of ROH to join NXT.
- Tajiri is expected to make his return in the WWE Cruiserweight Challenge.
- In UFC news, Bisping may defend his belt against Hendo.
- Expect Lesnar to represent Canada at UFC 200.
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